“After reading Dr. Aldana’s book, “The Culprit and The Cure” we invited him to speak to all the employees at our corporate office.  This was the first time we had ever invited an outside speaker. His message affected our employees so much and had such an impact on our employee health and productivity, we asked him to speak at each of our seven plants and labs across the U.S.”

            Judy Garrett, RN
Chief Medical Office
Syngenta Corporation


“After struggling to get a handle on our employee related health care costs, we initiated an employee health and productivity management program.  We brought in Dr. Aldana to speak at our annual leadership meeting.  His presentation not only transformed management’s views about employee health and productivity, but he was the best speaker we’ve ever had.  That same year we invited him to speak at 6 different locations in Boston and Long Island.”

            Stephanie Shepard, JD
            Vice-President of Share Services
            KeySpan Energy


“Almost everyone of our 400 employer groups agree that Dr. Aldana is the best business speaker they have ever heard”

            Howard Weyers
            President and CEO
            Weyco, Inc


“Dr. Aldana doesn’t know how good he really is.  It’s just a matter of time before he shows up on Oprah”  

            Ann Coakley Anderson
            Event Coordinator
            Health Space Cleveland


“Lots of speakers can engage an audience, the really good ones have such an impact that the audience talks about the message afterwards. Dr. Aldana’s message has been the water cooler talk for weeks.”

            Shane Engleby
            Regional Manager
            National Association of Credit Managers


“Whether it’s a keynote, concurrent speaker, or dinner speaker,  Dr. Steven Aldana delivers the goods.  He brings tremendous value to every audience he addresses.  He was worth every cent we paid him and our at­tendees have said that the conference was the best we ever conducted.” 

            Diane Glaze
       Director of Client Services


“We thought that his message was so important that we streamed it live on the web to all of our 5,800 em­ployees located on five continents. He gave us the knowledge, tools, and motivation we need to have a healthy, productive workforce.”

            Robert  L. Wood
            Chairman & CEO
            Chemtura Corporation


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